3rd Scientific Meeting on Hellenistic Pottery, Thessaloniki 1991. Proceedings, Athens 1994

St. Drougou, Assis. Professor, University of Thessaloniki
E. Zervoudaki, Ephor of Antiquities. Director of Antiquities, Ministry of Culture
L. Marangou, Professor, University of Ioannina
I. Papapostolou, Professor, University of Ioannina
I. Touratsoglou, Ephor of Antiquities. Numismatic Museum

S. Drougou, Assis. Professor of Archaeology
N. Sfikas, Architect of ext. Area – Painter
Ch. Andreidou, Archaeologist
N. Kousoulakou, Archaeologist
A. Papadimitriou, Secretary

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ISBN 9G0-7034-34-4

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